सतेंद्र सिंह भण्डारी


12 April 2017

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नाम:- सतेंद्र सिंह भण्डारी
जिला:- रुद्रप्रयाग, उत्तराखंड

Satender ji has spent 4 lack of his own money and bought 8 nali land for the school which now having all the equipment such as computers, laptop, printer, scanner, PT drum, harmonium, cycles and all playing equipment and learning material etc.
He has developed 20,000 plants nursery and encouraging locals out of which now they have 171 fruit giving trees. School is decorated now with 154 flower pot with blooming flowers.

He has developed a large kitchen garden where all vegetables like lady’s finger, rai, muli, dhaniyan, maithi And other vegetables are grown and cultivated. He has developed a large pond in which more than 700 fishes are therein number. A box of apiculture and aquarium is there so that children should get a proper environmental education.

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